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Media Partners

African Energy

Established in 1998, African Energy is a trusted provider of consultancy, data and news services designed to support decision-making throughout all stages of the project and investment lifecycle. African Energy’s Consultancy provides bespoke services tailored to the needs of businesses, including market entry and evaluation studies, strategic advisory services and, through parent company Cross-border Information (CbI), reputational due diligence on prospective partners. African Energy’s Data collection and analysis has been central to the company’s work since it was established in 1998. In September 2017, it launched African Energy Live Data, an innovative and interactive data platform that is changing the way investors and developers assess power generation opportunities and analyse markets across the continent. Now in its 23rd year, African Energy’s subscription-based Newsletter helps keep senior energy executives up-to-date with what is happening across the continent, including news and analysis of market developments, project awards and the political and governance issues that impact on the business environment.

Plant & Equipment

With over 20 years of experience, Plant & Equipment has deep knowledge and provides valuable marketing services for the heavy equipment, trucks, and spare parts industries via digital and print accomplished through our distinguished magazine and pioneering website. Along with being one of the leading media houses in this industry, the company’s pool of contacts, network, and resources are what set it apart from any other media enterprise in the Middle East and Africa. Plant & Equipment is constantly evolving and working to create the most cutting-edge marketing strategies to focus on solutions which helps its sellers build a better network allowing profitable growth. The momentous evolution in Plant & Equipment’s online traffic and engagement related to heavy equipment, trucks, and spare parts strengthens the position of its website at being the leading destination for classifieds, industry news, exhibition updates and upcoming auctions. The company’s goal is to enhance visibility for dealers to help sell listings online to emerging markets including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Global Business Reports

Headquartered in Singapore and with offices in Istanbul, Global Business Reports (GBR) was established in 2001 in order to provide up to date and first hand information for global business decision makers. In an age where cross boundary trade and investment and the globalization process are the driving factors for latest businesses, information is crucial. Precise sectorial reports help companies understand and expand their markets, improve their sourcing chain, target their investments and discover the trends affecting their industry around the world.